01.2024 Our work MuSc : Zero-Shot Anomaly Classification and Segmentation by Mutual Scoring of the Unlabeled Images has been accepted by ICLR 2024 !
01.2024 Two works have been accepted by T-ITS 2024 !
10.2023 Our work Indoor Obstacle Discovery on Reflective Ground via Monocular Camera has been accepted by IJCV 2023 !
03.2023 Our work Unknown Sniffer for Object Detection: Don’t Turn a Blind Eye to Unknown Objects has been accepted by CVPR 2023 !
04.2022 Our work MARF: Multi-scale Adaptive-switch Random Forest for Leg Detection with 2D Laser Scanners has been accepted by IEEE T-CYB 2023 !
02.2022 Two papers have been accepted by ICRA 2022 !